Sell Hotspot Vouchers with Chillifire

Our new voucher system has now been released. Now you can create and print prepaid vouchers for your hotspot, resell them to clients in your hotel, café, etc.

And the best thing is – you can do so immediately. No waiting until the vouchers are released or activated. As soon as you have paid your fees for the vouchers, they are activated. No waiting and delay.

So how does it work? You log in to our hotspot management console and go to Users->Vouchers. Here you specify which pricing plan you want to purchase the vouchers for (which sets the value of the voucher), and how many vouchers you want to purchase.

Based on your choice the system generates the requested number of users/password combinations and offers you a link to pay for the vouchers either via PayPal or credit card. At the same time the system sends you an email with the same information, including the payment link in case you wish to pay later, plus a PDF version of the vouchers. Note: you can change the text that appears on the voucher in your account settings.

Once you have paid your fess for the vouchers, the vouchers are activated and can be sold and used by punters. Fees are set at exactly the same level as are yoiur online transactions.

The voucher function is not a free community service but represents commercial use of the Chillifire hotspots. We reckon once you are out there selling vouchers for your hotspot, you are not doing this for fun or to support a small business – you want to make money. We understand and support this and need entrepreneurs like you to help finance the Chillifire initiative by contributing with your fees to its upkeep.

Happy surfing anyone and please log any feedback regarding the vouchers either in the forum or through a support request. Thanks.

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