Online User control added, Console and Voucher improvements

Our Chillifire console received a major refresh using AJAX. The old transactions were successively replaced by flash new AJAX pages. No more waiting for the page to refresh, as you page through the data or filter or resort data. You will feel the improvement immediately.

As part of the rework of the transactions we have built in some new functions into the online user transaction. You can now see during the session (not only after the user ended the session) the actual time a user is logged on and how much data they uploaded. This is obviously of benefit, to control excessive use of your hotspot(s). In addition there is a function now that allows you to force a disconnection of a user that is shown as currently online. That’s right you can force a disconnection of a user on a router half the way around the world, without rebooting the router. This function, together with blocking a specific MAC address gives you control over your hotspot and enables you to keep undesirables out.

Last but not least we have updated our voucher purchase transaction. The vouchers are now generated after you paid for them, with the vouchers being immediately sent to you. They will be sent as PDF file you can print out and cut out of a piece of paper. To accommodate more complex voucher design and formatting we have now attached the voucher data as CSV and tab-delimited XLS file. Now you can pump the voucher data into your favourite graphical design program and print as fancy a voucher as you wish.

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2 Responses to Online User control added, Console and Voucher improvements

  1. oma says:

    what are the payment methods

  2. admin says:

    You can accept cash payments for Vouchers, Credit card and PayPal account payment with PayPal, Credit card payment with 2Checkout, and Credit Card and Moneybookers account payment through Moneybookers