Customise your Hotspot start page

We now offer you a variety of different color schemes for Chillifire over the standard yellow/black and white color scheme. There are now four color schemes available: OceanBlue, YellowFire, SteelGrey, and CoffeeBrown.

And there are even more ways to customise your hotspot:

1. You can add (and change) your own logo on the page. You can upload your own logo, which will be presented in prominent position in the center of the hotspot screen. If you’d like to display text information instead or in addition to a log, you can add a tag line of up to 250 characters. You can also pick and choose one of the standard color and layout schemes mentioned above. These additions and changes are made in the account maintenance screen in the control panel and are available to anyone.

2. You can use a custom start page (aka. Splash page). That way you host your own start page, the first page the user sees when connecting to a Chillifire Hotspot, and users are redirected to your page instead of ours. Then you can link back to our page where users can buy access or type in the voucher code. (the link required to open the login page is
A custom start page / splash page must be entered into the router configuration itself. Please consult our manuals and video tutorials on how to do this.

3. You can request a customised template with your own ‘skin’ that has your own color scheme and look and feel. Currently this kind of customisation cost 20 USD if you just customize the color scheme, provide your own logo artwork but leave our copyright information and links on the site.

4. If you’d like to have your own branding only on the hotspot site (removing all Chillifire related information and using your own domain name on customer start pages) we charge a one-time setup fee of 200 USD.
If you require us to completely change the layout of the site completely, change or create art work including buttons, headers etc, we charge according to effort, at a rate of 50 USD per hour. In that case please send us your requirements and request a quote through our support form

PS: With our new plans you can also maintain a ‘landing page’ the page the customer will land on, after they successfully logged in. A landing page could be your own hotel or business website. This and the above features give you total control over your hotspot customer’s experience.

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