New pricing plans available

Our new pricing plans give you all the options you can wish for. They even allow for periodic access plans, so you can start your own ISP business. Add to that a new and improved hotspot login screen, the ability to control the speed and bandwidth per plan, and to redirect users to a specific page after they logged in. Here are the different types of plans:
Elapsed time packages
Users buy a straight ‘lump of time’. They either use it or loose it.
Example: Access for 20 minutes to the internet
Usage based packages
Users buy a certain data allowance or an amount of online time, which they can use as they see fit until their account expires.
Example 1: 60 minutes of actual online time (time connected to the internet), to be used within 24 hours
Example 2: 100MB of data to be used within one week
Period based packages
Users buy a certain data allowance or an amount of online time, which they can use within a certain time period (day, week or month). The agreed data allowance or online time resets at start of the next period. If the data allowance or online time is exhausted within the current period, access either seizes altogether or can be throttled to a lower than usual speed. These plans can be open ended, or optionally have an expiration period
Example 1: 1 GB data per month, speed throttled to 256kbps/64kbps downstream/upstream, once the 1GB has been exhausted within the current period. Normal speed resumes next month
Example 2: 1 hour online time per day. No further access once 1 hour has been used until the start of the next day. Access expires after 14 days.
For all the above plans you can specify a maximum download and upload speed (independent from the throttled download and upload speed mentioned above). You can also define a redirection URL the user will land on after successful login. You can add a tag line to give a brief marketing spin for the package, and you can define a sort order, to define the order in which the plans are presented (order is ascending on price, unless you override the sort order). Last but not least you can specify whether or not the price package is available only for online purchase, only as a voucher, or is available through both channels.
Of course you can give the package a price in the Chillifire account currency that you choose – as you are used to it from our old plans. In addition you can now indicate for periodic plans (see above), whether the price indicated is a one-off price, or a price per month, per week or per day.
Testing it all
An now the kicker: Even if you are not connected to your hotspot and make changes to your plan remotely, you can now test how the entire Hotspot pages will look like for the end-user, plans, logos, tag lines, Terms and Conditions – everything. You can even step through the payment process – PayPal and, whichever you have activated – and test the entire payment routine through to the creation of the user and password. Of course you cannot use them, as you are not connected, but then again you can easily refund yourself. This will give you peace of mind that the changes to your plan and to you site will look exactly as you have intended.
How good is all that? This gives you ultimate flexibility in designing your plans for your market, from the simple to the more complex, depending whether you are running just one hotspot, or whether you are running your own hotspot business.

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