Moneybookers Payment Gateway Integrated

We now offer the Moneybookers payment gateway as an additional payment option for your pay-by-use hotspot. Moneybookers is one of the large international payment gateway providers, who accept CC payments without requiring expensive banking merchant accounts from users of their service. Their service accepts payments in over 190 countries and in some 30 currencies. Their large international reach makes Moneybookers a great alternative to and PayPal, their brand is a trusted name that people will use willingly to make online payments. In short, they will entice more people to use your hotspot service.

Of course our and PayPal are still supported by us and remain a focus of our ongoing development. Offering multiple payment solutions is less a question of ‘either or’ but more about giving you options to suit your business and hotspot locations. It also provides redundancy to your hotspot, if you provide more than one payment solution, in case one of them is actually down.

The different payment solution providers cover different currencies, so the currency in wish you wish to charge for the usage of your hotspots, may drive your decision. You should also consider the different fee structures and which currency you earned funds are actually held in, to avoid unnecessary currency conversions, if possible. Table 1 gives you an overview over the different currencies the different providers allow you to charge customers in and hold funds in as per 9th march 2009.

A feature we like in Moneybookers are the local payment solutions they hook into and allow people to pay with through their payment portal.  Want to charge through the Dutch Ideal, the Australian Poli, or the German Sofortüberweisung. No problem, Money bookers allows you tie in the se local payment systems that would be very well known and thus expected as a payment option in certain markets. Table 2 gives an overview of local payment solutions supported by Moneybookers as per 9th march 2009. We will activate them over time as per client requests.

You really want to charge in a currency, which is not supported by either of the payment solution providers, to serve your local users? No problem, you can do so through vouchers, Vouchers can be issued in any currency really, as long as it has been set up by Chillifire for that purpose. So if you wish to charge in Sri Lankan Rupees, Vietnamese Dollars or such like – no problem for us. We will levy our fees from you in Euros in that case according to publicised exchange rates. You can create, print and sell the vouchers then without any further worries.

We will update our PDF files over the next few days to reflect the changes required for 2checkout integration, and we will create one for the Moneybookers integration. However, here is in brief what you need to do to charge your clients through Moneybookers:

  1. Go to and create an account online, for the currency you wish to hold your funds in.
  2. Email to and request you account to be activated for:
    - Credit card purchases
    - Quick Checkout
    - Merchant Refunds
    - Chargeback Notification
    - Secure return_url parameter         

    You will have to sign a number of additional agreements with them, that are required for your relationship with them as merchant account holders. It also takes a few days for them to activate these additional features in our experience.

  3. Activate moneybookers as a payment option in the account screen of your account in the Chillifire control panel, enter your moneybookers account id, email, and secret into the screen, save it. DoneNB: the secret has to be a string of 10 lowercase characters or digits. If you happen to use uppercase characters, the integration will fail – that’s the way moneybookers works.

You can find further information on the different payment providers here:

Moneybookers PayPal 2Checkout

Table 1 – Comparison of Currencies per Payment Solution Provider

Moneybookers PayPal 2Checkout
Note: Account balances can be held and customers charged in the currencies below Note: Account balances can be held and customers charged in the currencies below Note: Account balances are only held in USD. Customers can be charged in the currencies below.
AUD Australian Dollar AUD Australian Dollars AUD Australian Dollar
BGN Bulgarian Leva    
CAD Canadian Dollar CAD Canadian Dollars CAD Canadian Dollar
CHF Swiss Franc CHF Swiss Francs CHF Swiss Franc
CZK Czech Koruna CZK Czech Koruna  
DKK Danish Krone DKK Danish Krone DKK Danish Krone
EEK Estonian Kroon    
EUR Euro EUR Euros EUR Euro
GBP British Pound GBP British Pounds GBP British Pound
HKD Hong Kong Dollar HKD Hong Kong Dollars HKD Hong Kong Dollar
HRK Croatian Kuna    
HUF Hungarian Forint HUF Hungarian Forint  
ILS Israeli Shekel ISL Israeli Shekels  
INR Indian Rupee    
ISK Iceland Krona    
JPY Japanese Yen JPY Yen JPY Japanese Yen
KRW South-Korean Won    
LTL Lithuanian Litas    
LVL Latvian Lat    
MYR Malaysian Ringgit    
  MXP Mexican Pesos  
NOK Norwegian Kroner NOK Norwegian Kroner NOK Norwegian Krone
NZD New Zealand Dollar NZD New Zealand Dollars NZD New Zealand Dollar
PLN Polish Zloty PLN Polish Zloty  
RON Romanian Leu New    
SEK Swedish Krona SEK Swedish Krona SEK Swedish Krona
SGD Singapore Dollar SGD Singapore Dollars  
SKK Slovakian Koruna    
THB Thailand Baht    
TRY New Turkish Lira    
TWD Taiwan Dollar    
USD U.S. Dollar USD U.S. Dollar USD U.S. Dollar
ZAR South-African Rand    


Table 2 – Moneybookers global and (local) payment methods

Credit/Debit Cards Instant Banking Options
Visa Giropay (Germany)
MasterCard Sofortüberweisung (Germany)
Visa Delta/Debit (UK) eNETS (Singapore)
Visa Electron Nordea Solo (Sweden)
Maestro (UK, Spain & Austria) Nordea Solo (Finland)
Solo (UK) ideal (Netherlands)
American Express EPS (Netpay) Austria
Diners POLi (Australia)
JCB Numerous Polish Banks:
Laser (Rep. of Ireland) ING Bank Slaski (Poland)
Carte Bleue (France) PKO BP (PKO Inteligo) (Poland)
Dankort (Denmark) Multibank (Multitransfer) (Poland)
PostePay (Italy) Lukas Bank (Poland)
CartaSi (Italy) Bank BPH (Poland)
  InvestBank (Poland)
  PeKaO S.A. (Poland)
  Citibank handlowy (Poland)
  Bank Zachodni WBK (Przelew24) (Poland)
  BGŻ (Poland)
  Millenium (Poland)
  mBank (mTransfer) (Poland)
  Płacę z Inteligo (Poland)
  Bank Ochrony Środowiska (Poland)
  Nordea (Poland)
  Fortis Bank (Poland)
  Deutsche Bank PBC S.A. (Poland)
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