Whitelist, Guest Access, and improved Usability Features at Chillifire

Other than opening up vouchers we have added a number of additional features to Chillifire hotspots.
For starters we enabled a ‘whitelist’ feature in the router, which allows you to declare devices which will bypass any authentication and gain unlimited internet access. The declaration is done by MAC-address. To make things easy, we have added the devices MAC-address to the bottom of the login screen. You can just cut and paste it into the Chillifire configuration screen of the router. For detailed instructions how to configure this and many other features on the routers see our forum’s Firmware Downloads and Installation Guides. This feature requires firmware 09.08.R10.

The next feature we added is a guest access to users, that you can switch on or off per account. If the guest access is enabled users can receive access to the internet for a defined period of time between 5 and 60 minutes. The system will allow guest access only once within a period you can also define within the control panel. This way you can define guest access for, say 10 minutes every 24 hours, to give users a ‘try before you buy’ option. Of course data limits and speed limts can be defined as for any internet access.

Next thing we improved was the definition of Price Plans for Pay-per-Use hotspots, the Access Control for free-access hotspots, and the definition for Guest Access. We have separated the definition of these different access control mechanisms into three different screens, to make the maintenance easier for you and less confusing.

Last but not least we improved the features of the buy screen of the Pay-per-use hotspot, adding hover button elements, highlighting of error messages et all, to make things easier for less web savvy users, so as to increase your conversion rate.

These are some new features, as always we encourage your feedback as to what other features you would like to see enabled on your hotspot.

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