Unbranded Sub-Account Portal on www.hotspot-admin.net

We now offer an unbranded version of our control panel. This new feature is aimed at our partners who want to share turn-over data and maybe even some of the configuration options with their own clients. While partners can manage their own clients as sub-account to their main account understandably they do not wish these clients to become aware of Chillifire as the provider of the service platform. Neither do we, as they are your clients and yours to keep and nurture.
We have therefore established an unbranded portal, which can be accessed on www.hotspot-admin.net or www.hotspot-admin.com by holders of a sub-account. The control panel is limited in its function, with the main-account retaining full control over which functions the sub-account can actually make use of in their unbranded panel. If you do have your own custom skin linked to you main account, of course this custom skin with your own brand will come through on the sub-account control panel as well, once a sub-account holder has logged in.
How can you test this new function? Easy, create a sub-account within your account’s control panel, activate the new sub-account, go to www.hotspot-admin.net, log into the sub-account and away you go.

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