Chillifire Hotspot on DD-WRT

As you know we are providing a license free preconfigured Firmware as part of our service. That firmware has been optimised and tuned to provide a best of class hotspot management service. While we believe our firmware is the best easiest option to create a great hotspot, we are aware that there are fans of another firmware, DD-WRT.

At the end of the day we want to provide you, our customer, with choices and not lock you into a certain path. For this reason we have offered an integration of DD-WRT into the Chillifire hotspot service for a number of years. We have taken the recent upgrade of our system as an occasion to update the DD-WRT configuration and make it work with newer version of DD-WRT, namely v24 SP1, and v24 preSP2.

To make things as easy as possible, we have created a configuration file that you can load into your DD-WRT router. This has been focused on the WRT54GL, but requires only very little adjustments (if any) for other router models that are DD-WRT supported. We have also updated our installation guide to reflect these changes and to support the installation process.

The DD-WRT configuration files, installation and configuration guides (with many screen prints) can be found here.

Note: DD-WRT is using a depreciated hotspot software, chillispot, whereas we use a hotspot software coova-chilli, that has emerged from chilispot and is alive and well. Some features such as remote firmware configuration support, and detailed hotspot user activity tracing or Peer-to-Peer traffic filtering are not available with DD-WRT. Please use ChilliWrt, Chillifire’s pre-configured OpenWrt firmware, if you require these features.

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