New Chillifire firmware version ChilliWRT 10.03.1rc4 published

We have published a new firmware version, now based on OpenWrt 10.03.1rc4 – based on OpenWRT revision 26143

The new version features a number of improvements, such as improved wireless drivers for the various Atheros chip-sets, but also full featured performance graphing with remote graphing storage on our control panel.

In addition we can now offer repeater firmware for Atheros chip-set based routers, such as the popular Ubiquiti, Fonera, D-Link DIR300A and Engenius routers.

Last but not least support for various models has been firmed up and fully tested. This includes the new Ubiquiti M series, but also such great routers as the Mikrotik 450G and other Mikrotik 4xx routers.

We also provide initial support for some new routers from TP-Link like the MR3220 and the MR3420. We have also experimental support for Ralink chip-set based routers like the D-Link DIR615D and D-Link DIR300B. Please contact us if you wish to try OpenWrt and ChilliWRT on these routers. We will assist you in getting in running.

All in all an exciting extension of the firmware’s capability to many new and interesting router models. Enjoy.

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2 Responses to New Chillifire firmware version ChilliWRT 10.03.1rc4 published

  1. Dean Westbury says:

    Wonderful news, but where is the firmware to download? I have Buffalo WHR-HP-GN machines

  2. admin says:

    There is now. Same issue as above; the entry was mistakenly locked down. It has now been opened for download.