New Control Panel and new Look and Feel

Over the last few weeks we have been busy reorganising our back end control panel into an easier to manage set of screens. Here are some of the changes:
-       The huge account control screen has been broken down into smaller, more manageable screens;
-       Each screen includes online documentation, providing explanation about what certain fields and values are for;
-       Lists are supported consistently by our new data grid, which is a lot faster than the previous solution, even if your hotspots handle a lot of users; and
-       New lists like voucher transactions only based sales views are finally available.

In addition we have changed both our control panel as well as our login pages to use the jQuery CSS framework. Advantages for you:
-       With the jQuery Themeroler ( you can create your own colour scheme to support your own Branding, and Look and Feel of your hotspot completely independent from us;
-       The pages look cleaner and crisper and download less images. Without any added or custom logos the login page is now less than 100kB download data on first load; and less than 5KB on any subsequent loads – keeping it light is appreciated especially by your mobile users.

You can test drive the new control panel and login pages on ‘login11′ is a pre-production-server, meaning you get to test the new system, but the database is the actual live data. Therefore you will get a ‘real life’ experience if you choose to test the new look&feel system, if you perform any test transaction you wish to revert, let us know and we can do that for you. Community testing on is open to any CF account holder as of immediately, and will go through to the 20th July. On that day we will deploy the system to our general production system, so everybody gets to benefit from the new development.

We are looking forward to your feedback

What else is new?

-       We are currently busy linking in the Worldpay credit card payment gateway to our system, we expect that to be available for public use in August.
-       We are also working on a revamp of our subscription management, to make this easier to set up and to allow flat rate per router subscription for free-access hotspots.
-       At the same time, once all feedback on the new control panel has been collected, we will port the sub-account portal to the new control panel format, to provide a consistent and fresh look and feel to all partners with sub-account portals
-       Last but not least, as OpenWrt keeps maturing, we are working on new versions for our firmware, so your choice of routers becomes wider and stays up to date with new and exciting models that are out there.

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