Extending Chillifire Free Community Service

We are responding to a common request we receive often to remove the current limitation of our free community service, which does not allow more than 10 users per month. As of midnight 20 September this limitation will be lifted.

The new free community service called Free-Access Splash will allow for an unlimited number of users and provide for an easy to use and simple to set up splash screen control with which you can share your broadband connection with your clients, friends or neighbours.

Free-Access Splash will allow you to:

-       choose your own colour scheme,

-       add your own logo and other content of your choice like images or text,

-       limit the speed of the connection to prevent abuse,

-       enforce the acceptance of your acceptable use policy and/or terms and conditions, and

-       redirect users to a website of your choice after logging, like your main business website or any other website of your choice marketing your products and services.

The user can register to use a Free-Access Splash hotspot online, not requiring manual intervention by you or your staff to hand out vouchers or access codes. The access is valid for 24 hours after registration; after 24 hours the user has to register for access again and again confirm your terms and conditions.

Premium features such as limitation of time spent online or data up and download restrictions, access control via vouchers or text messages are not available with Free-Access Splash and require a current subscription for this service.

Important: Those of you who enjoyed our Free Community Service previously, and who wish to retain functions like data volume or online time control, should use the next few days to establish a Chillifire subscription for their account. Thos who are happy to use the free service as it is will enjoy the fact that now the number of users per month are unlimited.

Subscription based Free-Access Hotspots will have an easier mechanism within the control panel’s account configuration screens to actually establish a subscription for an account or sub-account. Many of you may have noticed the improvements in the control panel we have established over the last month; we continue to be dedicated to extend the functions offered in our control panel.

Revenue share based Pay-per-Use Hotspots will continue as they were, with the exception that linking your own PayPal account has become a premium service. This facility is now bundled into the simple re-branding option, available for USD20, which also allows you to replace our logo, hotspot name and favicon with your own. We have been forced to implement this step due to legal requirements; the simple and cheap purchase forces you to acknowledge and confirm our Terms and Conditions. Note: Existing accounts will not have to retrospectively purchase the premium option package, if they have no outstanding fees with us.

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