Every router a repeater

We have done away with the old hassle of repeater firmware, as it created all kinds of challenges. The most dreaded drawback was the inability to remotely access the repeaters and to receive performance graphs for it. And of course these routers, perfectly good devices with often considerable processing power, where not doing much as there was not hotspot processing on the device itself.

We have now put online a configuration guide that allows you to configure nay router running our firmware on version 12.x or later to be configured as ‘repeater’ to a main router. Please find the configuration guide HERE

The main difference is that the repeater establishes a backhaul wireless encrypted internet connection from the ‘repeater’ to the main router. In other words the repeater does not repeat the main routers hotspot single but the main router’s encrypted and secured LAN signal, which is then used to feed the hotspot running on the repeater. This makes full use of the repeater’s processing power and distributes the processing load.

Should you wish to run the access points as repeaters only, say in scenario using a Mikrotik RB450G main router with, say Ubiquiti access points (e.g. Picos or Nanostations) we recommend you use native firmware on the repeater, like AirOS on Ubiquiti devices. While this keeps configuration of these devices simple it also allows you to take advantage of all native firmware capability of the AP devices. Please contact us, if you are unsure of the AirOs configuration required for such a scenario.

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